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SCOUTPLATFORM Cyber Threat Intelligence Monitoring and Management Platform.  Connect, Collect and Process. Integrate and Extend.  Explore, Pivot and Monitor. Track and Tag.

ScoutPlatform is a dynamic and scalable information architecture that serves as the core collection and fusion engine of routing topology, network entities and threat indicators and intelligence. This highly modular data ingestion capability enables the collection, processing and exploitation of this information and drives our core product base, ScoutVisionTM and CloudScoutTM

Users navigate the system with ease and benefit from specialized reports and dashboards, which attribute threat sources providing confidence in findings.

Core Intelligence Processor

Driven by a dynamic and scalable intelligence processing capability that serves as the core collection and fusion of routing topology, network entities and threat indicators and intelligence.

Parallel and Scalable Architecture

Based on a massively parallel and scalable architecture for both cloud and on-premise solutions. Powerful APIs extend capabilities and enhance context of threat indicators and intelligence. Distributed architecture enables horizontal scaling of function and data processing.

Modular Data Ingestion

The Core Intelligence Processor quickly ingests new sources then processes and delivers to both cloud and on-premise customers.

Intelligence Navigator

Open web-based interface with unique exploration and analysis capabilities to enhance the risk prioritization and decision support process.

CLOUDSCOUT is a hosted solution offering monitoring and management capabilities with the convenience of a software-as-a-solution (SaaS) delivery model.

SCOUTVISION is deployed as an appliance and may be seamlessly extended into existing security systems and information through a comprehensive API.

Analysis Workspace
Open Source Threat Indicators
Proprietary Threat Indicators
Premium Intelligence Reports
ArcSight Integration
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